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Piano & Concert Tuning

Many people ask me why pianos need tuning regularly. When a piano is tuned, the strings are adjusted until they are vibrating at the correct pitch. 

Because pianos are made out of wood, even slight changes in temperature and humidity can affect a piano's performance considerably as the wood absorbs or loses moisture and swells or shrinks. With this swelling and shrinkage, there is inevitably very slight movement in the placement of the strings with the bridges and sounding board of the piano. Even slight movements cause the strings' vibrations to change, which in turn makes the piano go out of tune.

It is recommended that pianos are tuned at least once a year but preferably every six months. The more a piano is used, the more it will need tuning. Tuning usually takes roughly one hour. 

Whilst tuning the piano, John will make any minor adjustments that are required and will advise on any further work that may be necessary.

Please contact us to book a tuning. If you would like advice on repair or restoration, John would need to come and inspect the piano after which he can give you a firm quotation.