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Piano Tuners and Technicians

Established 1979

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Repairs & Advice

As well as piano tuning, we can also raise your piano's pitch, do both minor or more substantial repairs, restore casework or undertake a complete restoration. John's expertise means that he can also offer honest professional advice on issues or problems that you may encounter with your piano -- or indeed whether it is worth repairing/restoring!  

In addition to tuning, pianos will often need regulating as many factors affect their stability such as humidity, moving the piano or the piano being played particularly roughly. 

Regulation is the adjustment of the mechanical aspects of the pianos to compensate for the effects of wear, the compacting and settling of cloth, felt, and buckskin, as well as dimensional changes in wood and wool parts due to changes in humidity. 

Please contact John if you would like him to assess the current status of your piano and advise on any necessary repairs or maintenance. Or if you have a known fault or issue with your piano, please book an appointment for John to visit.